The Gumption Trust: A Final Accounting

This page is a little postscript to the Gumption Memo, to let you know how the story ends.


Back in early 1992 I inherited the estate of my aunt, established the Gumption Trust, and sent out the first Gumption Trust donations. In December 1995 I made the final round of Gumption Trust donations and gave away the last of the Gumption Trust money. This page offers a quick overview explaining where the Gumption Trust's money came from, where it went, and what it helped accomplish.

Money -- where it came from and where it went

$49,350 my aunt Lois Arden King's estate
$9,400 from Robert Lee Skinner's estate, via Elizabeth Skinner
$24,300 income from Gumption Trust investments
$83,050 total funds
$64,000 donations to seven international family planning orgs
(for more info, see the page Family Planning Organizations)
$4,000 donations to two local Planned Parenthood clinics
$6,200 misc. donations to about 30 other causes
$1,100 books and compact fluorescent lightbulbs given away
$6,100 Gumption Memo expenses (e.g. printing & postage)
$1,650 "research" overhead (e.g. phone calls, books, travel)
$83,050 total expenditures

Results -- what the money helped accomplish

Between 1992 and 1995 the Gumption Trust money was spent by a bunch of different organizations on a bunch of different tasks, and it's difficult to say just what was done with it, but here's a partial list of all the things I estimate were accomplished:

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