The Gumption Memo

an open letter about what to do next...


Background -- who I am and why I wrote this
Caveat Emptor -- notes on numbers, national bias, and fake forms

World Problems

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Perceptions and Priorities -- an overview of problems people worry about
Problems and Priorities -- a look at prioritizing problems
The Root of the Problem -- four fundamental issues
Signal and Noise -- seeing the pattern, not the perturbations
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Smart Decisions

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Decision Making -- techniques for thinking clearly
MicroMorts and MegaTragedies -- tools for comparing risks and losses
Decision Making Techniques -- a few Decision Analysis basics
Decisions, Systems and Models -- using math to save people's lives
Benefits of Modeling -- what we have to gain by building models
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Mental Model Landmarks -- major landmarks on the mental model terrain
Landmark #1: Population -- why overpopulation is an enormous problem
My Grandmother's Soil
World Population
Population Scenarios
Population 101
Landmark #2: What the World Wants -- the small cost of solving our big problems
What the World Wants
Landmark #3: Wealth and Poverty -- you may already be rich -- details inside!
Wealth and Poverty
Perceptions of Wealth
Income Levels in the U.S.
Global Income Levels
Landmark #4: Government -- how to work with, and without, our governments
Working With and Without Government
The U.S. Budget
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The Next Step

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A Call to Inaction -- doing more by doing less (more or less)
A Call to Action -- what is worth doing
Compact Florescent Lightbulbs -- save money by replacing lightbulbs
Family Planning -- slowing the growth of the world's population
Philanthropic Contributions -- selecting philanthropic investments
Family Planning Organizations -- a few details about a few organizations
In Conclusion... -- what $10,000 can buy, and parting thoughts
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Resources -- a selection of important books, videos & games
History -- history of the Gumption Memo project
Final Accounting -- a final accounting of the Gumption Trust
Dedication -- the Gumption Memo is dedicated to Robert Emler

"The world is before you, and you need not
take it or leave it as it was when you came in."
-- James Baldwin

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